Unrivaled Veterinary Student Success

Board-certified veterinarians in our Small Animal Teaching Hospital (SATH) help our veterinary students sharpen essential skills that prepare them for a variety of veterinary career paths, such as compassionate patient care, teamwork, written and verbal communications, conflict resolution, cultural awareness, ethics, business, and the human-animal bond.

Donating to our Next-Generation Small Animal Teaching & Research hospital will help our students train using the latest technology, explore career interests through research that drives our patient-care programs; and connect with mentors in both clinical and basic sciences.

AVMA president and clinical associate professor of telehealth at the small animal teaching hospital, Dr. Lori Teller examines a cat with three dvm students in the primary care service.

Exceptional Educational Opportunities

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Program Accreditation

The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Professional Program at the Texas A&M VMBS has again received full accreditation for the next seven years by the American Veterinary Medical Association Council on Education. Dr. John R. August, the Carl B. King Dean of Veterinary Medicine, announced the accreditation to the school on Dec. 20, 2022. Learn more…
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Lifesaving Surgery

Gwennie knows that life as a stray kitten is hard. In her first eight weeks of life, the calico domestic shorthair had already caught a virus that damaged her eyes and left her essentially blind. Fortunately, Gwennie was not on the streets for long and, once rescued, her owner and her veterinary team were dedicated to restoring her quality of life. Learn more…
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New First Responder Certification

One hundred-twenty Texas A&M VMBS Doctor of Veterinary Medicine graduates are among the first veterinarians in the country eligible to receive a new certification from the American Veterinary Medical Association. The Veterinary First Responder Certificate will certify veterinarians who are trained to assist in disaster situations. Learn more…
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Surgical Outreach

The Roach Family Student Community Outreach Surgical Program allows students to practice their surgical skills while providing much-needed care to companion animals owned by local residents who have limited financial means, determined by a client application process. Surgeries take place under the close supervision of licensed veterinarians. Learn more…
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Dr. Lori Teller, the first full-time telehealth veterinarian in academia, integrated this rising field into our curriculum, giving veterinary students valuable experience in this area. She is also the third female veterinarian, and second female Texas A&M faculty member, elected to serve as president of the American Veterinary Medical Association. Learn more…
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Residencies & Internships

Through our internship and residency programs, the Texas A&M VMBS is training future veterinary specialists. These specialists-in-training play leadership roles in supporting the education of our fourth-year veterinary students. These positions are highly competitive and sought after. We also have graduate student, postdoctoral, and doctoral researchers. Learn more…